What Can I Make With Beef Cubes?

Not much beats the pleasure of enjoying tender beef cubes covered with gravy with fluffy mashed potatoes on the side – and making this affordable cut of meat into an irresistibly satisfying family dinner needn’t be a difficult challenge.

Beef cubes make for many delectable recipes!

Beef stew

Hearty beef stew is an amazing comfort meal that pairs perfectly with noodles or thick-cut baguettes, ideal for serving on cold days or as part of a recovery diet. With its combination of vegetables and spices, its tasteful composition guarantees it will not leave anyone wanting more!

This recipe for beef chunks and vegetables calls for cutting them into chunks before seasoning them for cooking, then creating the sauce using tomato paste, low-sodium beef broth, red wine, Worcestershire sauce and dried bay leaves – then thickening with cornstarch-water slurry for a luscious gravy-like sauce that coats everything beautifully!

The beef stew should then be simmered for approximately two hours until both meat and vegetables have reached tenderness. Add sugar for sweetness before finishing it off with a dusting of flour through a sieve to prevent lumps from forming.

Beef kebabs

Beef cubes are an adaptable ingredient, perfect for creating dishes from stews to kebabs. Their bite-sized pieces absorb flavors quickly, adding heartiness to meals rapidly. Plus, their quick cooking times make this an effortless solution! You can quickly prepare delicious dinners for yourself or your family on any given night of the week!

This beef kebab recipe calls for sirloin steak, bell peppers and onions marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic cloves, paprika, cardamom powder and salt before being threaded onto skewers and grilled. Perfect for summer grilling parties!

Are you searching for new recipes using beef cubes? Look no further – our collection of delectable beef cube recipes offers delicious alternatives! These straightforward methods will add a unique flair to comfort foods like stew and kebabs!

Beef stir-fry

Stir fry is an incredibly fast, simple, and flexible dinner option that you can make using whatever meats and vegetables are on hand. Lean cuts such as flank steak, flat iron steak, skirt steak or Denver steak work particularly well in stir fries as they cook quickly while absorbing any sauce well.

Add some savoury umami flavour to your stir-fry by topping it off with hoisin or oyster sauce, honey, brown sugar or red pepper flakes for added spice or thickening it using cornstarch or tapioca starch as a gluten-free thickening agent.

Another great recipe using beef cubes is classic beef stroganoff, an indulgent and satisfying dish you can serve over butter noodles or creamed spinach for an ideal family dinner or weekend supper.

Beef burgers

An easy and classic recipe you’ll enjoy making, this Beef Cubes with Honey Garlic Sauce recipe makes an outstanding weeknight dinner! Season beef cubes with salt, pepper and paprika before sauteeing until cooked through; finish it off with flavorful honey garlic sauce for an irresistibly tasty meal!

To keep your burgers from shrinking when cooking on the grill, lightly form them into patties with an indent in the centre for even cooking, and avoid domed domes on top of them. Grill until both sides have turned brown before topping with your preferred condiments!

Comforting stew, this dish will delight! Tender beef cubes simmered with vegetables and flavorful spices create an irresistibly flavorful feast – perfect for sharing alongside some rice for an enjoyable meal!

Beef Teriyaki

For an extra spicy kick in your beef dish, this Spicy Sichuan Chili Bean Soup Recipe With Beef Cubes will do the trick! Easy and flavorful all at the same time – what could make for a better alternative to takeout?

For truly crispy teriyaki beef, flour-coating the cubes prior to sauteing them is key. The flour helps the sauce thicken without needing a roux. It keeps the meat from overcooking or becoming bland, which makes this an essential step in creating crispy teriyaki dishes while being healthier than using tons of oil.

Increase the healthfulness of this dish by switching out for reduced-sodium soy sauce and adding apple cider vinegar as a counterbalance for its sweetness. Pineapple juice adds fruity tanginess (but only three tablespoons from canned pineapple as fresh pineapple contains bromelain enzyme that will cause it to disintegrate your steak!). Serve this delicious dinner over low-carb cauliflower rice for a meal that beats takeout!

Beef caldereta

Beef cubes’ soft texture makes them an excellent ingredient in delicious family dishes such as stews and other hearty stews, making these inexpensive meat cuts sure to please. By following proper recipe and preparation techniques, these cheap cuts can easily transform into delectable meals sure to please everyone in the household!

Making this beef caldereta recipe requires only the finest and tastiest ingredients, creating an irresistibly flavorful stew suitable for lunch or dinner. For added nutrition, try topping off your bowl with broccoli florets and carrots for an added boost of nutrients!

As part of making beef caldereta, begin by sauteing onions and garlic in oil before adding meat for browning. Drain any excess grease after browning before combining all the other ingredients to simmer on low for at least an hour or so; dust the dish with flour towards the end to thicken its gravy further.


Transform humble beef cubes into culinary masterpieces with our versatile recipes. From hearty stews to flavorful stir-fries, explore the endless possibilities and elevate your cooking with these delicious beef cube creations.

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