How to Cook Pig Feet on the Stove

Pig feet (commonly referred to as “trotters”) are the fully cleaned and skinned feet of a pig that contain tendons, bones, and connective tissues that make an essential ingredient in many soups, stews, and broths.

They make an ideal appetizer when served chilled, making this recipe quick and straightforward to create.


Pig feet are an integral component of Chinese cuisine. Enjoy them alone or as part of another dish at family gatherings – this braised pig feet recipe is delicious and simple to prepare – it contains plenty of nutrients and protein! Perfect for people on restricted diets!

Before beginning, carefully clean the pig feet using soapy water and a disposable razor to remove any visible hairs that might remain. After they’re clean, place them in a pot with fresh water and allow them to boil for several minutes before reducing heat to simmer and stirring periodically while skimming off any foam that forms on top.

After 3 hours, your pig feet should be tender and falling off of their bones. For added convenience, use a pressure cooker instead; place them inside and cook at high pressure for 30 minutes with full natural release afterwards.

Once the pig feet are tender, remove them from the pot and allow them to cool before cutting them into bite-sized pieces. Return them to the pot along with some kecap manis, sriracha sauce, and soy sauce before stirring well and simmering for at least 30 minutes before enjoying!


Pig feet require long hours of slow cooking time in order to become flavorful and succulent dishes. Still, many cultures prize them for their health benefits, including increasing collagen and relieving joint pain. To ensure they’re cooked thoroughly, parboiling before braising is highly recommended.

Wash pig feet thoroughly to remove dirt or grime with soapy water and scrub them using a vegetable brush, using any remaining hairs to be removed with vegetable brushes or by lighting a candle and rotating each foot over it periodically to burn any stray ones that haven’t shed themselves naturally. After rinsing and drying off their feet, trim off any extra skin or cartilage for trimming purposes.

Put some water and pig feet in a pot, bring to a boil, and set aside for 3 minutes before draining and setting aside to cool. This step helps remove some of the unpleasant flavors from the feet and prevent it from leaching into your broth during subsequent portions of cooking.

Return the pig feet to the pot and add in seasonings – this recipe boasts tons of flavor thanks to adding in ingredients like thyme, bay leaves, bouillon powder, paprika and red pepper flakes! Cover and place over medium-high heat; stir regularly so as to prevent burning of the pig feet.


Pig’s feet (also called trotters) are an iconic soul food dish and can be prepared in various ways. One such method involves braising them in flavorful broth until they become tender enough to fall off the bone, imparting rich flavors while rendering fat and softening connective tissues – creating delicious meat that can be eaten alone, used as soup components or used for stews and soups; in addition, its skin can even be boiled and deep-fried for a satisfying snack option!

When preparing pigs’ feet for braising, the first step should be rinsing and trimming any excess fat. This step helps remove unwanted flavors or aromas while also preventing pork feet from becoming overly salty or greasy. Once rinsed and trimmed of excess fat, they should then be put into a pot with enough water to cover them and brought up to boil before being simmered for three or more minutes for parboiling; this step helps eliminate strange aftertaste associated with pork feet.

Once the pig’s feet have been parboiled, place them into a large pot and cover them with enough water to submerge the meat barely. Add in kecap manis, Sriracha sauce and salt. Cover and simmer over medium-high heat for at least 2 to 3 hours or until the meat becomes very tender – regularly stirring so as to prevent burning or sticking to the bottom of your pan, skimming off any foam that forms on top. Additional liquid may be added one cup at a time until the desired texture has been reached.


Pig feet, also referred to as trotters or pigs’ feet, are a staple of many Southern dishes. Packed with gelatinous connective tissue that requires slow cooking over low heat to achieve tenderness, these cuts of meat may seem strange, but they are consumed globally.

Pigs’ feet are one of the easiest foods to cook. From oven and pressure cooker preparations to sous vide methods and boiling in water, there are numerous methods available for creating flavorful pork foot dishes for serving over rice or potatoes. However, the most popular is cooking in water to make a braising sauce, which can then be braised before topping rice or potatoes as an entree course.

To make this recipe, start by washing the pigs’ feet thoroughly to remove dirt and hair that may have been collected. This step is essential as dirty feet have an unpleasant aftertaste if not thoroughly cleansed. Next, use a disposable razor to cut off their feet and any unsightly hairs that have formed over time.

Once the feet have been thoroughly washed, combine them in a pot with bay leaves, garlic cloves, thyme leaves, paprika and salt before boiling and simmering them over low heat for approximately three hours, skimming off any foam that forms at the surface of the cooking liquid during that period.


As the aromatic symphony fills your kitchen, our stove-top pig feet recipe promises a savory journey. Embrace the hearty flavors and tender texture with this simple guide, elevating your culinary repertoire one delicious step at a time.

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